Repair & Annual Inspection Services

Our staff at CCDC has the most up-to-date equipment servicing and repair training. We work closely with all major scuba manufacturers to ensuring your equipment is serviced with the highest quality work.

We service equipment from most major manufacturers. From annual regulator and BCD overhauls to drysuit seal replacement, we can cover all of your equipment maintenance needs.

We handle annual visual inspections, hydros, eddy current testing, whips, tumbles, valve rebuilds and even O2 cleaning for both steel and aluminum tanks.

Please contact us today to let us know what service you’re looking for and a FREE price quote!

Some of our most popular services include:

Regulator Overhaul – Regulator overhaul service includes complete dismantle of the first and second stages. Ultrasonic cleaning of all main components, replacement and lube of service parts, reassembly and tuning of first and second stages for optimum performance.

BCD Overhaul – BCD overhaul service includes disassembly of the inflator and replacement and lube of service parts, over-pressure valve check and bladder leak check.

O2 Tank Cleaning – O2 Cleaning for partial pressure tank fills up to 100%. Both Steel and Aluminum tanks washed, tumbled with non-hydrocarbon solvent and media and rinsed clean. Tank is then dried and inspected to make sure no oxidation remains and sealed and filled.. These procedures follow tank manufactures recommended cleaning processes.

Equipment Assembly – Regulator First and Second stages, safe seconds, low pressure inflator hose, and gauges or computer units are assembled with hose protectors, and pressure checked so as your diving should have no surprises.

Hydrostatic Testing – Hydrostatic testing is available for tanks that are out of service date required by Department of Transportation.

VIP – Visual Inspection and Visual Plus Inspection for the yearly inspections of your personal tanks.