Price List

Open Water Diver Class- Knowledge Development (Classroom) & Confined Water Dives (Pool)

  • Group lessons – Single $325
  • Private lessons – Single $425
  • Private lessons – 2-3 people $400 per person
  • Private lessons – 4+ people $330 per person

This pricing is for the class that take place at Central Coast Dive Center. Use of rental equipment and air tanks during pools sessions are FREE with the cost of the class. Unlimited pool practice sessions are FREE with the class as well.

Required materials for this class:

  • Student Crew-Pak (books, etc) $95.00
  • DVD (refundable deposit) $59.00
  • Training Slate (refundable deposit) $20.00
  • Mask, fins, snorkel (cost varies; typically ~ $250 for scuba-quality gear)

Once you have completed the OW class, you will need to complete your Open Water Certification Dives to complete your certification. The cost of the OW Certification dives is not included in the cost of the class. This is common with most dive shops – it allows students to complete their certification dives whenever and wherever they like!  For example, you can choose to complete your OW certification dives over the weekend at Gilboa Quarry in OH, or even in a tropical location as part of a CCDC Group Trip!

Open Water Certification Dives – Local

  • Local OW Certification Dives – Quarry, ages 12yrs and up $165
  • Local OW Certification Dives – Quarry, 10 & 11 yrs old $215
  • Private Local OW Certification Dives – Quarry $310

This pricing is for the instructor-led OW Certification Dives. Equipment rental (if required), quarry fees and air fills are not included in the cost of the OW Certification Dives. Quarry entrance fees and air fill fees vary by location, and they are paid directly to the Quarry to cover their costs of upkeep (similar to a state park!), not to CCDC. Quarry entrance fees are typically ~$15-25 and air fills at the quarry are typically ~$8-10 per fill, paid in cash.

Open Water Certification Dives — CCDC Group Trip

  • OW Certification Dives – CCDC Group Trip $110

Join us on one of the CCDC group trips to exciting places like Honduras, Mexico, Indonesia, or others! You can complete your OW certification during the initial dives of the trip as an $95 add-on to the cost of the trip, and then spend the rest of your vacation exploring the exotic underwater world in these far-away places!

Open Water Certification Dives – Rental Gear Package

  • Weekend Complete Gear Package Rental $140

Don’t own your own gear yet? No problem! You can rent a complete gear package for the weekend to do your Open Water certification dives. The package includes a wetsuit, BCD, 2 tanks (filled), regulator set (with octo), and a computer. Equipment is also available to rent a la carte (see below), so you only pay for what you need.

Discover Scuba
Class – $50

(AND when you go on to earn your scuba certification within 3 months, we’ll deduct $25 from the cost of your class!)

Scuba Review
Private Session – $75

Has it been a while since your last dive? We’ll get you “scuba-ready” before your next trip!

Advanced Open Water
Group Class – $199

Books – $53.00

Rescue Diver
Group Class – $225

Books – $78.00

Emergency First Response
Group Class & Books – $75

Pool Time
Session – $35

Our indoor, heated pool is available for you to hone your skills before your next big trip!  Pool sessions include use of rental gear during the session and air fills for tanks used during the session. 

Specialty Diver Classes:

Enriched Air Nitrox
Group Class & Books – $160

Wreck Diver Specialty
Group Class & Books – $195

Night Diver Specialty
Group Class & Books – $195

Equipment Specialty
Group Class & Books – $99

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty
Group Class & Books – $150

Digital Photography Specialty
Group Class & Books – $195

Deep Diver Specialty
Group Class & Books – $195

Search & Recovery Specialty
Group Class & Books – $195

Underwater Navigation Specialty
Group Class & Books – $195

Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty
Group Class & Books – $200 (price includes DPV rental for 2 dives)

Drysuit Diver Specialty
Group Class & Books – $275

Drysuit Rental cost is $70/day (class & books are free with Drysuit purchase)


We have all your scuba diving needs covered – we rent equipment for everything from a local weekend trip to a live-aboard cruise. Our equipment is carefully inspected and tested to ensure that your next dive is enjoyable and safe!


Exposure Protection:

Wetsuits: We feature 7mm Henderson wetsuits





Drysuits:  We feature DUI drysuits


$70/day (Drysuit certification is required for rental)

Hoods: great for staying warm in the cold water!




Gloves:  Sizes XS – XXL





We have BCDs for all types of shapes and sizes to make your next dive more enjoyable. From weight integrated, traditional cut and rear inflate, we have what you need.






Dive Computers:

Dive computers to make your dives safer and longer and more enjoyable with less task loading! We feature Nitrox capable computers.






Regulator Sets:

We offer complete regulator sets, including first and second stages as well as an alternate second stage.  All regulator sets come equipped with a submersible pressure gauge, depth gauge, and compass.







Tanks, air and NITROX are available.






Weights & Weight Belts:

We rent hard weights and weight belts.