Scuba For Kids

Central Coast Dive Center offers a wide variety of programs for kids 5 – 10 years old!  These classes are specifically designed with the younger diver in mind.  We offer everything from Scuba Diving Birthday Parties to first-time diving experiences for youngsters.  Click on the classes below to learn more.

2_SASSY_210x210Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth (SASY) – a fun experience for kids 5-8yrs to put on scuba gear and breathe from a regulator on the surface of the pool.
4_bubblemaker2_210x210PADI Bubblemaker Experience (8yrs+) – An experience for kids 8-10yrs, to take their first breath underwater!
3_Seal-team_210x210PADI Seal Team (8yrs+) – We introduce students 8-10yrs to the basics of safe diving.


PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience (10yrs+) – Divers 10yrs+ are invited to join CCDC’s Discover Scuba Diving Experience and explore the deep end of the pool!

Other Youth Programs We Offer:

Boy Scouts of America – BSA Scuba Diving Programs

Central Coast partners with the local BSA organization to help community scouts earn their Scuba Diving Merit Badge and other achievements!

Scuba Birthday Parties

Voted “Best Birthday Party” by Cincinnati Magazine, Central Coast’s Scuba Birthday Parties offer kids a unique birthday party experience that combines fun in the pool with a pizza party and birthday cake!