Our Facilities

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We take pride in Central Coast Dive Center’s custom-designed dive center facilities.  From our building to our locker rooms to our pool, every part of our facilities were designed to meet the needs of divers.

Stop by Central Coast Dive Center and take a tour today!

Indoor Heated Pool

  • Indoor Heated Pool – Our indoor heated pool is located in our facility, so it’s convenient and simple to do both classroom and pool sessions in one evening.
  • Variable Depth Pool – we have a shallow end for learning skills and a deep end so you can FULLY practice ascents and descents.
  • FREE Equipment For Classes & Practice – Central Coast Dive Center offers complete sets of rental equipment including wetsuits.  Equipment is available for FREE to students for pool practice sessions.

Modern, Professional Facilities

  • Modern, Comfortable Classroom – Classes take place in one of our 2 professional classrooms that overlook the pool and a 6 ft-wide tropical fish tank.  In addition to scuba equipment, classrooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV for videos and digital presentations, as well as live dive computer simulations.
  • Experienced Professional Dive Staff – we have a wide range of professional instructors on staff with decades of diving experience.  Your safety is their #1 concern – and when you dive safely you have fun!

On-Site Dive Shop

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  • On-site Fully Stocked Dive Shop – Our dive shop is one of the most comprehensive in Northern KY.  We stand behind every purchase you make!
  • In-house Repair Facilities – At Central Coast Dive Center, we personally service your equipment to ensure that it meets industry standards and is ready to go when you’re ready to dive!

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