Camera News 2019








Sealife has a new firmware update for the DC2000 cameras. 

Do I need to upgrade?

Just like computer programs are updated from time to time, SeaLife improves the firmware for its digital camera models. Normally, you do not need to upgrade. Your camera should work very well, even with the very first firmware version.

If a new firmware becomes available, you may want to upgrade your firmware anyway, to benefit from SeaLife’s ongoing research for better underwater photos.

How do I know what firmware version I have?

Most SeaLife camera models will include the firmware version information in the system settings menu. Look for “System Info” or “Firmware version”. Some SeaLife cameras will briefly display the firmware version on the startup screen when powering on the camera. Please check the instruction manual specific to you camera model for more details.

Click here, and scroll to the bottom of the page to update your Sealife camera. 





Tovatec has a new camera and light unit coming out this December. This simple unit is $299.95 and can be used as a light, a camera, or both. They will be in stock December 20th! Reserve yours today! It will make a perfect gift for you or any divers you are shopping for. 


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