Dive Trips Update!

CCDC trips overview_pic1Central Coast Divers have just returned from two amazing trips; Australia with Pimmy, and the Juliet live aboard with Katie and Ken. Both of these trips had an uninvited guest… the bad weather. Although Australia had weather that was slightly more of a hindrance to the trip than what the Juliet suffered, both groups made the best of the situation.

CCDC trips overview_pic2Pimmy with her expert knowledge when it comes to traveling and adapting quickly, found a way to make the once in a life time Australia trip a great experience for everyone, despite the untimely forecast. Some people visited the kangaroos and went to Ayers rock, while others went diving, and rode camels to the night zoo! Even though this trip wasn’t exactly what everyone was expecting, it was still a great success.

CCDC trips overview_pic3The Juliet had some rocky waves towards the end of the trip, but luckily it hardly interfered with the diving. In fact, it was almost better to be underwater than in a sailboat with 5 ft seas sloshing on the deck. We saw lots of incredible things in Bimini; giant sea turtles, beautiful coral, friendly remoras (which everyone really seemed to enjoy) and lots of happy divers. It was another amazing adventure, brought to you by two great trip leaders.

The next trip out of the store is the Little Cayman trip! It looks like a beautiful place, and we’re all excited to hear about it when they return on July 18th!

If you’re interested in traveling with a great group of divers, call Central Coast Diver Center, (859) 426-0020.