Continuing Education

Open water weekends have been awesome so far this year, with lots of happy divers earning certifications!.  With the weather warming up, it is also a good time to consider continuing your dive education. The Advanced Open Water course gives you an idea of what specialties you might be interested in doing as a full course. One unique opportunity here at the store is taking the buoyancy specialty along with the Advanced Class.

For an additional $99.00, you get the buoyancy book and extra dives all in one trip to the quarry. The Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty gives you a major edge as a diver. Taking a little extra time to perfect your buoyancy will benefit you in that; you will use less air, have more energy for more dives, and you will protect the environment you’re admiring. PPB makes you an overall more comfortable and confident diver.

The ultimate test of confidences for a diver is the Rescue Course. This class will give you the knowledge and the confidence to handle most emergencies that could occur while diving. Not only are you a more prepared diver, but you are also more self-assured when it comes to your skills and capabilities.

Other specialties that can be accomplished at the store and in the quarry are navigation, drysuit, or Nitrox. Navigation is necessary for any diver that finds that they get slightly turned around when they’re underwater. Navigation will teach you to use a compass effectively, so you know where the boat or the shore is at all times. This is great for any diver who likes to be in complete control of a situation.  Also a great specialty is Drysuit.

If you find that, even when its 90 outside, you’re still cold in the quarry, then Drysuit might be something to look into. Drysuit can be the first step to getting your Master Scuba Diver Certification (Advanced, Rescue, and 5 specialties) if you find that the cold quarries water is not something that you enjoy. The idea of being warm in the quarry gets a lot more people excited about the Rescue Course and other specialties.

Call the store today to continue your education! (859) 426-0020