Product Review – Zeagle Lazer BCD

June 1, 2013


Zeagle, the manufacturer of the Lazer BCD, describes this fantastic product like this on their website: “The Lazer BCD is based on the very popular Stiletto BC. The LaZer however, is cut, shaped and sized for the female form. It features a vest that is scooped in the lower rear to accomodate shorter torsos and wider hips. It is a rugged full-featured but lightweight BC, designed for women who may do both warm and temperate water diving but don’t need the twin tank capability or higher lift of Zeagle’s heavy-duty BCs. The LaZer’s extra durable reinforced 1000 denier nylon bladder material gives an extra level of protection against abrasion or punctures in close environments like the edge of a coral reef or wreck. It has sufficient lift and weight capacity for most average sized divers to use in their local environments, yet packs easily into a lightweight travel system.”

I couldn’t agree more!  As a woman, I find this BCD to be a much better fit vs. the Stiletto (another great product from Zeagle), especially when it comes to navigating the curves of a woman’s body.  As with all Zeagle products, the fit and configuration of this BCD can be 100% customized.  For example, my measurements require a “medium” BCD body/ waist with “small” shoulders, and it wasn’t a problem at all.  The BCD arrives assembled, and then the user can further customize fit with several different adjustments (waist cummerbund size, shoulder straps, tank straps, etc).

To top it off, the Zeagle products are fully customizable in different colors.  You can design your own BCD in almost any color you’d like, from fluorescent pink to camouflage, to all colors of the rainbow.  I chose a cool pink and black design, and after 9 months of heavy use, it still looks fantastic.

Central Coast Dive Center highly recommends the Zeagle BCD products, and now I can see why.  Thanks for the advice, Pimmy and Tommy!

(product review submitted by a current CCDC student)